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The Best Female Lead Action Movies 2023

Currently, there are many movies wherein female characters plays the leading role, mainly as a powerful character. Do you want to know some of the latest Telugu films wherein female characters play the leading role? You can find a list of such movies in aha, like Bhamakalapam, Bloody Mary, and Darja.

You can watch all these films in aha-OTT if you have a subscription. Aha, OTT is one of the best sites to watch Telugu hit movies whenever you want, based on your choice. It is a platform where you need a subscription to watch all the latest films, but you can also find free movies.

  1. Bhamakalapam

Bhamakalapam is a crime comedy thriller film that is currently streaming on aha. Priyamani, a popular South Indian film actress, plays the leading role in Bhamakalapam as Anupama Mohan. Anupama is a meddlesome mum and pushy wife who also suspects her neighbor in a murder. It is a comedy film which also includes a murder mystery where Priyamani has done her role perfectly.

  1. Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary is a crime movie wherein Nivetha Pethuraj, a Tamil and Telugu actress, plays the leading role of Mary. Mary, Raju, and Basha are orphans who worked together to make their dreams come true. But at some point, they got evidence of a murder and made some enemies. The next part of the movie continues with them trying to blackmail the murderer with the evidence and getting into trouble.

Telugu Movies

  1. Darja

Darja is an action film that covers the story of an illegal mafia business women in a village. Anasuya Bharadwaj plays the leading role of a villain character Kanakam in this film. Kanakam controls all the illegal businesses in the village, but ACP Shankar steps in and tries to stop her activities by exposing her true identity as a criminal. Anasuya Bharadwaj, a television presenter, and actress, perfectly played her villain character role in this film.

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